#INTERNSHIPSTORIES: To learn from an Embedded C intern

Embedded C intern – The incredible craft

Today was a great day. The interns who just “graduated” the program surprised us with 4 different devices programmed and, in most cases, totally created by them. All, while they had just 2 months in which they had an intense exam period as well. With this busy schedule, some of them even managed to score a scholarship due to the high grades at uni.

But what can we all learn from the 4 young teams?

1. It’s ok to fail

Drones that were created during the internship spent more time on the ground or falling than in the air. But nobody gave up. Through all the problems, the most difficult were the ones where the device had to calibrate itself. It is also the most time-consuming problem. But with perseverance and ingeniosity, everything can be done.

2. Oximeters have a lot in common with #automotive

One out of the 4 teams decided to build a pulse oximeter. In 2 months. With a little help from the AROBS mentors, the created device managed to tell with high accuracy the pulse of a person. We tested it live. When asked about the biggest challenge, or the hardest part they said:

“There was no one hard part, the greatest challenge was to get to the point where we know for sure what is the actual task that every one of the team members has to do. To get to know programs and learn until you get to the best possible solution.”

3. A face recognition program can be created in 2 months by interns

As far as it sounded a few years ago, face recognition is now incredibly available. Attila, one of the interns created a whole face recognition program, that was “taught” to recognize with high accuracy (again) a person, even with glasses.

The presentations were really mindblowing.  Also, they say that public speaking is the second worst fear after the fear of death. To the contrary, seems like this young generation has no fear at all when it comes to public speaking. It was an intense learning period for both sides, as much us for the interns as to the mentors.

So, congrats to everyone!

If you want to be a part of a team that is so future-oriented, check out this link.