AROBS at Codecamp Cluj – Vehicle Detection and Tracking using Machine Learning

This Saturday at Grand Hotel Italia curious tech minds will gather for another edition of Codecamp 2018. This year the conference has over 50 speakers among whom we count our own, Adi Fatol – Software Architect. Adi is at his 3rd Codecamp edition. 3 years ago made his first appearance on the stage of Codecamp Cluj and last year he spoke for Baia Mare codecampers.

machine learningHow Adi prepared for the last edition you can find from this article: AROBS at Codecamp Baia Mare – JavaScript libraries and live demos.

New year new me, is that right?

We wanted to keep the track of Adi’s evolution so we invited him for another friendly chat about this year presentation Vehicle Detection and Tracking using Machine Learning.

Adi, have you ever been on another stage than Codecamp?

No, not yet. But if that would be the case, I would love to get on the stage of Techsylvania or a conference organized by the PHP community.

What are your goals for this edition of Codecamp?

I worked at my abilities as a speaker because I want to be more fluent and confident on the stage. Personally, I want to grow the awareness of the technology of autonomous vehicles.

This leads us to our topic. What is this year presentation about?

I will speak about Detecting and tracking vehicles using Image Processing and Machine learning. I chose this topic because I am currently following a course from Udacity that embraced this theme. I have also enjoyed the projects that I’ve implemented as a result of the course. One example is the project I will talk about in the presentation for Codecamp. Those who are curious can find my projects in my Git Hub profilemachine learning

What IT trends have you noticed in 2018?

Machine learning is a really strong trend that I actively follow. I am currently working on a research about Scoring Hotel Image Quality Using Machine Learning, a project we started for our Travel and Hospitality department which I really think it will arise curiosity. Actually, it has already arisen it. Two of my colleagues traveled to ITB Berlin last week and when they presented the idea, people really showed their interests. You can check the page here:

I also believe Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies is another trend to follow. I believe they have the power to influence the way we invest in start-ups. I also believe that crowdsourcing will be easier to adopt having blockchains.

From what concerns the programming languages, Python is definitely popular and that is because Machine Learning has very well defined libraries and more and more people learn this language. It’s also really easy to learn. Recently I also contributed to a survey about the popularity of programming languages. Check it here.

GO is another interesting programming language Google developed. It’s widely used but not that spread among developers. Its purpose is to cover areas left uncovered by NodeJS.

And of course, there is JavaScript whose popularity is growing day by day.

What is your thought about the generation of developers who are coming? What do they need to learn?

machine learningThey constantly have to learn. They need experience.

How can they adapt more easily?

I don’t think they have to adapt. I believe we have to adapt to their style. We need to be more prepared. We have to optimize our methods of teaching. New technologies constantly appear, new frameworks are developed. We can’t just drown them with information. We need to find metadata and to extract the essence. Every year we need to add more technologies, but we have to keep only the essential parts from each. Information which is useful only for a short period of time it’s not valuable. Let’s try new methodologies that are for long-term. We are responsible to help them adapt to an environment that is constantly changing.

What is different this year?

I am better prepared and I have some new interesting things to share with those who will attend Codecamp.

What’s the strength?

My presentation has some practical techniques which are quite new, used by the leaders of autonomous vehicles market that are not that easy to find on the Internet.

Do you have some plans for yourself in 2018?

I plan to finish my Machine Learning course about autonomous vehicles. I will also actively work on my research in AROBS about ML.

Do you have a message for the young IT minds?

Don’t be scared! Find a domain that you like and always be a step ahead of it but remember to take it with a grain of salt. Be innovators, be curious, and be different!

You can listen to Adi’s presentation on Saturday at 4 PM at Grand Hotel Italia.

Just follow the trend and you will get there!