AROBS Transilvania Software Summer Party

AROBS Summer Party 2017 – Back to traditions (VIDEO)

Back to traditions and 100% Romanian ambiance: this is how we could shortly describe this year AROBS Summer Party!

24th of June is the international day of the Romanian traditional blouse – the IE. What a better opportunity than this to make it our Summer Party theme? This year AROBS proved that Romanian traditions and atmosphere are fun and charming and if an entire team comes together they will sure make the best of them – they surely did.

Summer Party Dress code:

Traditional Romanian blouses, flower crowns for the ladies, straw hats for the gentlemen and t-shirts designed with an authentic symbol waited for the guests.

People started coming in a blink of an eye. Everywhere you looked you could see an AROBS fellow. There was a certain energy flying in the air. Children, as soon as they arrived started enjoying the games and workshops in the special children area. Their eyes were sparkling when they spotted the ice cream and the candy floss booths. They weren’t the only ones, the hot temperature was nicely cooled down with a strawberry or pistachio ice cream.

Summer Party AROBS

Games, competitions, and fun

After a cold beer or a fresh cocktail, colleagues and friends started building up teams for the adventurous competitions. When the time came to announce the champions, the team called “The Winners” won! Ironic, isn’t it? :))

Those who just wanted to relax enjoyed a nice talk with their friends and colleagues and tasted the delicious food. We served several Romanian traditional dishes everybody loved. For a fun refreshment, we had the biggest water balloons fight. Some of the colleagues said it was the best idea ever.

AROBS summer party

When the evening slowly stepped in, the chefs brought up the steak and the Romanian traditional “MICI”. What Back to traditions party would be that if we didn’t have “MICI”? As soon as the flavor of the barbecue was free in the air, one by one, boys and girls, followed the smell and hit the spot!

One big family

The temperature cooled down a little and a big surprise waited for all of us. A Romanian traditional dance group prepared 4 Romanian traditional dance choreographies and after we made a huge dance, “Hora” how we called it.

When the sun finally hid behind the hills, The DJs stepped into the stage. They gave us their energy and cool beats. We danced or enjoyed the relaxing area decorated with hay bales, Romanian traditional colorful carpets, flowers, and lamps. You could see people photographing themselves at the photo booth designed in a Romanian style. Everybody had something to do and this made the Summer party so good.

When the day became night we enjoyed a spectacular lasers show. After even the crickets went to sleep we decided to end this wonderful day and hope for dreaming how fun it was.

We can’t wait to see what the next year will bring to the Summer Party, 20 years of AROBS Transilvania Software!

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Ne-am adunat din toată țara și de peste hotare să ne distrăm și să jucăm ca la 19 ani, ca niște veritabili năzdrăvani. Frigane am mâncat, fete am jucat, licorile au curs pân’ am uitat de orice discurs. 19 ani am împlinit și nimeni de la petrecere n-o plecat neominit! 🙂 #AROBS19

Posted by AROBS Transilvania Software on 22 August 2017