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When did you have your last warm meal? This morning or maybe right as we’re speaking?

In Romania, almost 42% of the population is threatened by poverty, that’s why, when you see people struggling to calm the hunger of underprivileged people, you have to stop and give them a hand.

A warm meal has a beautiful story and you can read all about it here.

Right now several colleagues from the AROBS embedded team are taking part of this project because such causes deserve our attention and social mindset.

20 testers and developers from the Embedded C++ team are involved in this project. During 5 months, every last Thursday of the month, 4 colleagues, by rotation, prepare over 90 warm meals at the City Hall canteen.

We are extremely proud of our Embedded team who has proved their social consciousness by actively taking part of the Warm Meal story.

Our colleagues¬†have already been part of 3 cooking sessions and they’re looking forward¬†to doing more.