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CODECAMP 2017 is the place where ingenious minds come together to discover more ways of innovating. And where there is innovation, there is AROBS Transilvania Software! This year, we have decided to bring our knowledge to CODECAMP Baia Mare, and we’re also waiting for you to join our team in Baia Mare.

We are proud of our colleagues who are eager to share their experiences and their knowledge with others. Therefore, this time, we are talking about Adrian Fatol, who was present at Codecamp last year in Cluj and had an interesting speech for those who attended the event. At this edition, he will represent AROBS with the topic “Machine Learning algorithms in Web Applications”, and it is a good opportunity for you to find out more about JavaScript libraries and live demos on the topic. 

We wanted to let you find out more about our colleague and his passion for sharing his knowledge with others. Discover how a tech person takes personal and professional development into his own hands and makes the best of it.

What drives you to attend this year’s Codecamp edition?

Adi: It’s important to share valuable information because I want to arouse curiosity among the public. My goal is to share “out of the box” information. I will take the most interesting research I’ve made and I will share it with all the persons there. Beyond these, I also want to improve the quality of my speech.

What is different this year?

Adi: In 2016, I was one of the speakers at Codecamp in Cluj-Napoca, but this year I’m going to change the audience and I will explore the ingenious minds of the future developers from Baia Mare. My last year’s presentation was called “Machine Learning and JavaScript”. It was the first edition I’ve attended as a speaker. I had a large audience, very well-trained people, and I was a little nervous. I spoke about the mathematical theory behind the concept, basic information, I also mentioned the most popular algorithms, and I ended up with libraries written in JavaScript + some live demos. As I could notice, the “demos” were the most attractive part for my audience.

This year, based on the feedback I received last year at Codecamp, I’ve considerably improved my presentation, “Machine Learning algorithms in Web Applications”. It will last approx. 45 minutes and I will mostly insist on the last part, with more examples of JavaScript libraries and more live demos.

What do you think of the generation of developers that comes right behind us?

Adi: They are a lot more open-minded because they’ve already grown up with a tech background. They communicate their ideas in a stronger and faster way, and their ability to innovate is far more pronounced.

I can even give you a specific example. Last year, after my presentation at CODECAMP, a young high school student contacted me regarding a compiler he made based on human language instructions. For me, such a project is extremely complex, it’s something I wouldn’t think about at his age. We need more of these illuminated minds.

Please tell us more about your professional background and expertise.

Adi: I started as a freelancer in 2005. I worked in South Korea for 1 year in automation, for a company having customers like Samsung, Hyundai, and OTIS.  2006 was the year when I started to look into web development, specifically the PHP programming language. In 2008 I got a job with a startup in Cluj, where I worked on Avanticart, the eCommerce SaaS platform. This experience lasted until 2012.

The same year I decided to make a change and join the AROBS team. I had actively worked on home automationtravel and another type of projects. In 2014, I took another path and, for one year, I worked for another start-up, Marcielo, where I had a leadership role. A year later, the startup changed its strategy, and I took the opportunity to come back to AROBS. Since then, I am working on a tAdi Fatol - internship-AROBS-Codecampravel project, alongside consulting other teams in technical decisions for their projects, training junior colleagues or taking part in internship programs.

Right now I am also involved in the PHP Internship program. At the beginning, I was responsible for the selection of the interns alongside my colleague Razvan. We tried to involve as many senior team members as possible in the program so they can share their knowledge. My other responsibility is to have an introductory GIT presentation and workshop. If any intern needs help or support with coding or frameworks, I am constantly there to help them. Now, I am preparing an Object Oriented Programming presentation for the interns, which contains general and advanced concepts that will help them in their future software development careers.

Some of the technologies we use for the current project are Web (PHP 5.x , PHP 7.x, NodeJS, a little bit of Go)Relational & Nonrelational DBs (MySQL, MongoDB); Virtualization (Docker), Linux etc. I have my guilty pleasures too, I am passionate about Go lang, Machine learning and I’d really like to learn and Python.

This Spring I completed an online course on Coursera with Andre NG as a trainer. I wanted to determine more colleagues to join me and I succeeded in gathering 7 or 8 colleagues from different departments. Maybe, you’ve heard about Andrew Ng. He is an Associate Professor at Stanford University, Chief Scientist, at Baidu, Chairman and Cofounder and Coursera NG. He also works on machine learning. He founded and led the “Google Brain” project. I got my certification as a result of my efforts. During the entire course, we had tests and lots of assignments. I had spent studying between 5 and 10 hours per week, during 11 weeks. I hope that this course will help me with my next adventure, the Udacity’s Self-Driving Car course, where Sebastian ThrunRyan Keenan and David Silver are the trainers.

What will you do with the knowledge you have acquired?

Adi: I really wish to strengthen my expertise in machine learning area because I want to always keep one step ahead of what happens in technology. I strongly believe that machine learning will end up being in all working areas: medicine, science, sports, gaming, security and so on.

Join our team at Codecamp Baia-Mare and make sure you bring your out-of-the-box ideas with you! We can’t wait to meet you! See you on the 22nd of April in Baia-Mare at the Faculty of Engineering, Northern University (Doctor Victor Babeș 62A Street, Baia Mare 430083).

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