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AROBS challenge at Embedded World: How the future looks like in a wooden….car


AROBS Transilvania Software with top clients of automotive industry reimagines the surrounding world, developing last minute technologies for all living areas. The team coordinating the embedded projects of AROBS could have been met between 14 – 16 March at Embedded World  in Nuremberg, (Stand: Hall 4 / 4-348), in order to find out which are the technical competencies and expertise recommending us for projects developing as intended to ease life and ensure more security and comfort to the users.

Although AROBS has in portfolio projects developed for the most important motor vehicles manufacturers in the world, at Embedded World we exhibited Julia, a car made completely of ash wood whose body reminds of the smart sports cabriolets of the inter-war period. The car is perfectly functional being already tested on Romania’s roads but AROBS brought it to visitors with a challenge: name the technologies you want Julia to be equipped with and the engineers’ team of AROBS shall develop them.

The participants, technical professionals, weren’t so easily impressed only by appearances and they wanted to investigate the car in details. Julia is wooden, but a fully functional car, based on a metal chassis, with the windscreen taken from a Mercedes and seats from a Ford Probe (completely remade). The V6 engine is from a Ford Taunus, but everything else is custom made, mostly from wood.

The participants put a lot of pertinent questions not only about the car but also about AROBS’s embedded projects presented on the event: the mini cluster designed in QT, with LKAS functionality, the ECU testing system, MITB, and the ADAS solution (AROBS Automotive Lane Departure Warning Keeps Collision Avoidance at Low Cost). AROBS demonstrated for “Embedded Computing Design” a lane departure warning system based on a single camera, which serves to reduce the cost of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in the automotive space.

 More details about the campaign are available here: www.arobs.com/embedded/.

 If you want to get in contact email us at embedded@arobs.com.