Event info

The fifth edition of the International PHP Conference was held on 28 and 29 October in Barcelona. The participants had the opportunity to listen to the presentations of Rasmus Lerdorf, the PHP founder, Rethans Derick, Fabien Potencier, Marco Tabini, and many other renewed speakers.

These presentations focused on’’Cloud’ technologies” and on the scaling friendliness of PHP applications. The AROBS team was particularly impressed by the information concerning Test/Behaviour Driven Design (TDD / BDD), which, applied to our projects, would increase our application performance.

Time management was also addressed at the event and the „The Pomodoro Technique’’ emerged as the favorite of the speakers. The main idea in this approach is to estimate and then allocate one or more “pomodoro” or a certain time interval for a task. During this interval, the specialist should focus strictly on the assigned task, without any types of interruptions. A break of 3 to 5 minutes is recommended after the pomodoro, for anything other than programming, and then a new Pomodoro can be started.

This approach is highly effective for specialists working on multiple tasks, who are interrupted frequently.

Emphasis was also placed on Application Profiling, respectively on the advanced and dynamic analysis of the hardware resources that the applications need to run in different contexts to identify the time delays and decreases in performance. The key speech was that of Rasmus Lerdorf, PHP’s founder, who spoke about the well defined future of PHP, a mature programming language.