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Spring 2017 comes up with the [un]official AROBS relay handover.


“Inspire others to follow you” is the slogan that ambitions those who want to Be Great.

Make a team with a human friend and the most loyal of your friends – your dog, and meet us at the starting point! Haven’t you ever been curious to know what your dog sees when it’s exploring the world around it?

AROBS lays a Smailo Play WiFi action camera on the line, a special dog harness, and the promenade between Cluj Arena and Sala Polivalenta as “playground”. AROBS gives anyone the chance to capture the best images of their animal-human life.

The AROBS [un]official relay handover takes place on the 9th of April. Running, running, running from myself no more!!!

At the event participates beside us the ONG ICare with their dogs rescued from the street. The association’s volunteers will be there with 2 of their dogs, Floky and Naga. They will help us with instructions regarding your furry friends. Because we want to pay them back their help we invite you to donate food for their rescued animals: dogs and cats.

The food collection will be done directly at the relay where you can also talk the with ICare volunteers and even schedule a visit at the ICare home where loving cats and dogs wait for their forever family.


See you on Sunday!

Anyone with a furry friend can sign up here!

Update AROBS [un]official relay handover.

As you could guess, the event was a real gasp of fresh air. Everyone from furry friends to loving owners had a great time at the event. Images speak for themselves: