Ghibstoc AROBS

Ghibstock upside down tale

Upside-down doesn’t mean it’s not fun. By contrary, it can really be so challenging you will laugh out loud (lol). That’s exactly how we felt during 2 days from 19th to 20th of May, at Ghibstock – the festival inside Onisifor Ghibu high school yard where everyone had doubled fun this year.

We wanted to do things differently so we did them exactly upside-down. How? Well, do you remember when you first rode your bicycle and finally learned how to ride it properly? What a good feeling…How about learning how to ride a bicycle that it’s complete “inside out”. When you turn left, you actually turn right and when you turn right you actually turn left, moreover, the handle bar was backward. Imagine?

We challenged the participants to simply ride a bike! We told them about the trick and we bet that they wouldn’t succeed riding it! Everyone accepted the challenge and we had a lot of fun seeing how motivated they were to “conquer” the bike.

Piece of cake? Think again!

According to a study released by Florida International University, It takes 21 days to kick out an old or bad habit and 66 days to truly ingrain a new habit into your brain, according to a psychology research from the European Journal of Social Psychology.

So if you’re wondering, yes, there was no one who could manage to ride AROBS upside down bikes but they truly had a lot of fun trying. You can see this in the video below.

We also had fun cheering them so we can’t wait to launch a new challenge!