#INTERNSHIPSTORIES – QA Automation bug collectors

Chosen from over 100+ candidates, our four QA Automation interns have just recently finished their 8-week internship at AROBS. It is always a journey through an intense, yet fun learning process. Funny stories included in the package.

But let’s see what our little bug detectors have to say about their time in our team and company.


First steps

They know already that we value teamwork, so the first thing that newcomers are introduced to are the Scrum and Scaled Agile Frameworks, that conduct the good communication and functioning of our teams. Having the basics makes the rest of the process much easier. For many, working within a team, on a real project is the first challenging experience. One that leads to evolution, growth and most importantly self-evaluation.

They now master the fundamentals of testing that include testing levels, types, techniques, etc. In addition, they learned how to put on paper a test strategy and how to mind-map a future project. Our mentors added to the mix some STLC, GIT and JavaScript basics, as well as Nightwatch.js, in terms of what, why, setup, examples and test strategy.

As always, they are all in with the info or nothing! Mentoring at its best.


Practice makes perfect QA Automation

Nevertheless, the best part is that they got to do some real bug hunt on a real project – an older version of an internal application for managing employee data. In their quest, they made it a bit fun, by taking advantage of the bugs they found. Hence, some of our employees found out they have 10 children or are actually born… yesterday. Good thing, it was just testing.

Their mission to create a suite of test cases for the internal application, combined all the knowledge included in the learning period.

Ionuț, one of our interns, wraps up the experience pretty good in his impressions below.

My journey to working full-time at AROBS was an eye-opening experience, career-wise. Throughout the internship, I’ve learned invaluable things along the way – about the IT field, about software development & testing and about myself.  Under the guidance of two experienced mentors, in just two months, I’ve built a solid foundation for a career in QA Automation. The most difficult hurdles I’ve had to overcome were mainly psychological. I’ve learned how to stay motivated, be open to new challenges and to take pride in each achievement, no matter how small. And it’s all thanks to the wonderful team here at AROBS.”

Needless to say that if you want to kickstart your career, our door is open for you.

We always have new opportunities HERE.

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