#internshipstories: “You never forget your first… robot”

AROBS interns are such overachievers! Finishing a six week deadline project in only two weeks, was surprising for our Automotive department that hosted the young group of interns. Being a C/C ++ Software Intern has just been taken to another level.


In the last few weeks the largest department in our software services devision, the Automotive branch, welcomed a fresh group of young students driven to learn more about how to be a C/C++ Software Developer.

Their task during their internship was to develop in six weeks a small mobile robot that could actually have the abilities to identify obstacles and avoid them. The main components of the robot were an Arduino Uno, 2 DC motors, an H-bridge, a servo motor and the sensors used for detecting the obstacles. Aaaand, overachievers as mentioned, they even added a remote control that allowed you to choose between autonomous and non-autonomous mode.

The project involved seven students, divided in two teams and coordinated by AROBS employees, that not long ago changed their status from interns to full time Junior developers. It was a new concept of experience that we tried to give both sides in this learning process.


“I gotta say I was surprised by the AROBS internship experience. I learned a lot of new things and gained experience in the field that I will soon work in. But most importantly, I met a lot of passionate people always there to help you when needed. Keep up the great work!”

(Raul Velcherean, intern Embedded C/C++)


And though the time frame was more than permissive, our interns gave us a “Wow!” moment because they finished the task in only two weeks. This left room and time for other educational and practical lessons. They learnt how to integrate their internship properly in their CVs and how to develop soft skills that help them be more successful at future interviews.

Though we felt sad to have a last pizza and laugh with them, we couldn’t be more proud of their achievements!

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