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Java youngsters are you ready to hear about your fellows?

But first – remember our interns who created the frontend of the AROBS Meetup app?

No? Then, look here.

Yes? Refresh your memory, and click on the here button above.


Today we closed the code circle with our Java youngsters.

We do appreciate a great presentation, and today we were given what we like. These kids created the backend for the app in less than 8 weeks.

The Java youngsters challenge

Asked about what was the most challenging about this project, they started talking about the difficulties of figuring out what the frontend developers wanted to do with certain sections.

Imagination and creativity drove them to the end of a successful task.

“In life, just as in IT, you can only achieve performance with perseverance.” – said Vasile, one of the mentors while handing them their well-merited diplomas.

All of them got the highest grades – which is something really special from such exigent mentors.

Thank you guys, you were great.

The mentors are proud of you!


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