It is a great feeling when you come up with an idea that helps people. More so an idea that help communities.

So we allocated the most eager ones, the fastest learners, the youngest talents – our interns to create it.

This is how it all went down.

REACT JS challenge

A brainchild of some of our colleagues, AROBS Meetups is meant to share knowledge among passionates on various subjects. Besides being a platform for sharing through internal workshops its specificity is given by the reward system. Everybody that actively participates is rewarded with points that later on can be exchanged for goodies.

To keep track and further engage we needed a platform.

That is exactly what our 6 REACT JS interns did during their 8 week-long internship. More specifically the front-end part. With some help from their mentors, based on scatches that are close to the visual identity of the AROBS site they surpassed expectations.

Great job, proud mentors

As their mentor, senior developer, Adi Fatol said it:

“During my experience, with all the interns that I’ve ever been in touch with, I have honestly never seen such a competent team of interns. Their passion, their dedication and their commitment to the challenge was inspiring”

Asked what was the biggest challenge to each of them personally, during the whole internship their answers were pretty similar. The biggest challenge was the synergy and teamwork. They had to manage the different working styles of each colleague.

Also to be noted that as final notes they mentioned how they loved this project so much more than any project during school since they have found a direction, the help needed plus they were able to work for something that has a materialization in the end.

Thanks, guys, we are impressed!

Congrats to the interns and to the mentors for their implication.


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