Just Push Play – impro game in AROBS

Have you ever heard of rule number 7? An important rule that must be respected in order to be more successful. If you didn’t hear of it yet, let us enlighten you.

Rule number 7:

Sometimes we need to take life a little bit easier and stop being so serious about everything.

Because rules are made to be respected we definitely did this at our last Beer Night. We made you curious about it, haven’t we?

Just push play night how we called it, was an evening totally opened for not taking yourself so seriously and start breaking some limits we so love to invent, and yes, there was beer too.

This time we needed some space so we moved in CBC bistro because things were about to get rough. Our guests, Bogdan Bob Radulescu and his team Just Push Play, warned us that people might have so much fun that it could be actually healthy for their condition. Last year they had us at the first laugh so we were happy to have them back with us for another memorable evening.

We were encouraged to let our fears away and just go with the flow. No one was excused! Get out of your comfort zone they said, it will be fun, they said. And it was!

When a developer starts improvising what a woman has in her purse, it’s obvious things are becoming really funny. No, we still didn’t discern the enigma of a woman’s purse.

Improvising theater is one of a kind method of relaxation. It’s like making sport while you watch a good comedy movie. Both make you feel so good and when you mix them, the result is a lot of fun you’d want to put on repeat.

We were encouraged to improvise real life events like a boy’s first date with a girl he likes. Well, imagine a high-skilled executive director doing that. Definitely out of the comfort zone! Totally worth it.

Next beer night will actually be our annually Summer Party which we will make sure it’s going to be epic.

No more words needed. Below you have a collection of photos from the improbeer night. Enjoy!