ReactJS – From 0 to HERO

10 brave soldiers fought fearlessly for 6 weeks gaining experience and courage for future projects that will involve ReactJS. This is the story of 10 interns that during their learning initiation, woke up in the morning with thoughts involving ReactJS. Every day you could spot how their curious eyes want to absorb anything that involves technology.

Their commander, Vlad, an experienced internship coordinator, made sure nothing will stand in their way! In the end, each of the soldiers took off their imaginary iron hat and thanked Vlad for all the effort and all the knowledge he invested in them.


What was the story about?

Each ReactJS intern worked individually on a job management platform involving users and companies, and job management also (creating, visualizing, job applying). Vlad’s purpose for the interns was to familiarize them with basic technologies mandatory in web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScipt) and adapting these technologies to new modern frameworks such as ReactJS, and Redux.

Each of them had all the freedom in the world to use their imagination, and to really put their own signature on the project they worked at, no strict limitations were imposed, said Vlad.

During the entire internship, the ReactJS soldiers had all their coordinators’ attention.

If I were to look back at the time spent at AROBS, I would describe it as productive. The ReactJS internship motivated me to learn new technologies, improve my personal skills and develop a better time management. As a newcomer to town, I was glad to discover open-minded colleagues, a friendly environment, and challenging tasks. Regardless of the next steps in my career, I am proud of the gained experiences.


It was very important to make sure that the interns do not have any blanks during their learning path. On their last week in AROBS, they went through an examination whose purpose was to keep track of the interns’ evolution. It was actually a surprise from their coordinator strictly for seeing how much quality the learning materials brought to the learners. reactjs internship

Our purpose was to create an open minded enviroment for integrating the learners as they were our colleagues.


What AROBS experience meant for me? Professionalism, supporting, team spirit, and I could go on forever. If you want to assimilate as much as possible and make a really huge step in your career, the people and the environment in AROBS can really help you achieve this. The experience was beyond my expectations and I was so nicely surprised about the power of this internship of cementing this domain into my own background.


I am really thankful for taking part in one of the internships organized by AROBS because I had the chance to gain so much knowledge that I wouldn’t have came across otherwise during my studies. Not only that we learnt about the technologies specific to the internship, the company also organised some useful trainings for auxiliary development tools which will come in hand in many other contexts. As interns, we had the best conditions and facilities to perform our work. The people I met here formed an amazing team, always willing to offer their help and advice and making us feel like we belonged in the team. It was a great experience and I feel so lucky to have found a place where I worked with such pleasure.


 The story goes on and we continue our adventures with some other internships in Baia Mare coordinated by another wise commander who has already prepared the tools: .NET and QA Internship. Are you brave enough to follow a new road to your career?

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