Spring activities AROBS supports

This Spring seems to want to get rid of all the winter’s laziness once and for all and just press start to all activities that switch on your body and mind.

Students and teachers from Technical University of Cluj-Napoca got into this spirit and along with OSUT, they organized a festival not only for those attending the university but for everyone who really wants to give a boost to their mind and body.

On 12th-13th we joined our forces once again, for the third edition of the hackathon and on 20th of May, for the 4th edition of the running race powered by AROBS.

First, it was Polihack

Polihack took place on 12th-13th of May at Cluj Business Campus.  We knew it was going to be really challenging so we decided to be a part of it. There were 42 students who embraced the provocatioAROBSn and entered in the “competition”. 14 teams ready to show off their ideas. AROBS sponsored Polihack winners with 2 Smailo Wifi Cameras encouraging attendees to give their best. The cameras were offered to a WEB team – Dining Meerkats and an Embedded team –  chimpCode. These teams were the Ist prize winners in this competition. The Polihackers could also win headphones and invitations to Techsylvania and DevTalks.

Same as last year edition there were several Embedded and Mobile teams who really made themselves noticed, offering solutions that impress the jury and the mentors. We are confident that they’re on the path to innovation so we can’t wait to see more from them.

Then was UT RACE

The weather was fine, the sun was up and the sky clear as a ccrosul UTrystal so it was obvious that you had to run for a good cause. And that was exactly what almost 100 people did on 20th of May in the Cluj-Napoca Central Park. Students, teachers, and people outside the university started the weekend with their hearts open and a lot of energy, ready to triumph 6,4 km.

The money is going to be donated to a child who has a really difficult childhood because of his health condition. You can find out more about the case here.

For AROBS is a real pleasure to be part of events like these. We definitely encourage young students to have a more active life. We all know the brain functions better when you exercise and helps you create interesting things more easily.

Keep up the good work!