Spring in our office

Clear ski. Waking up in the morning and the sun is already shining. Arriving at work with lots of energy. Going home while it’s still light outside. We think spring has finally shown up!

We felt that we deserve to celebrate a new season coming, so with all our forces ahead, we had an epic beginning of spring.

Here is an insight of our first week of spring:

On Monday we knew this is going to be an exciting week so we gathered all our powers and started acting as we should, making sure everything will go flawlessly.

Beer Night


On 7th of March, we had special guests in the house at our office in Cluj. Our confidants from Just Push Play paid us a visit and once again managed to keep all our attention awaken with an improvising show that did its trick. Laughing and enjoying each other, we had an awesome evening accompanied by great jokes.

Ping-Pong Championship


7th of March was a pretty busy day for our colleagues from Targu Mures also. Our colleague, Attila Szakacs, a ping-pong passionate, organized a ping-pong championship. 24 boys and 2 girls. Everyone else cheered them and gave them courage.

I feel very pleased and surprised by how many participants the championship gathered. The contest had run for 3 weeks, after a double pyramid basis planning. In my opinion, it was a real success, reason why we want to organize more competitions. I thanked Bogdan, our team leader, for encouraging me and helped me in organizing the contest. – Attila

2 leagues – beginner and experienced

Sonia – System Test Engineer represented the feminine force in AROBS. We asked her how she felt surrounded by so many boys.

Everyone was fair play. I was a little skeptic at the beginning, but my colleagues encouraged me to go for it. I was surprised to see I can stand against the boys who had experience with playing ping-pong. It was definitely an interesting way to interact with them. The fact that my colleagues cheered me, gave me positive vibes, especially when was in the final. Very well organized!

The winner takes it all, in these case the winners:

From left to right


  • 3rd place League 2: Marcel
  • 2nd place League 2: Botond
  • 1st place League 2: Andor
  • 3rd place League 1: Bogdan
  • 2nd place League 1: Attila
  • 1st place League 1: Sergiu

Well done team!

Tech Talks

Told you March 7 was a big day! In Cluj-Napoca, we had the 6th edition of Tech Talks. This time, Adi, Software Developer, spoke about Vehicle Detection and Tracking using Machine Learning a presentation he is also going to fathom at Codecamp Cluj on 17th of March.

International Women’s Day


More than 30% of our colleagues are women. Developers, recruiters, accountants, marketers, office managers, leaders, they all complete us and we know it! To all of you, we thank you for patience, commitment, and being yourselves. On 8th of March, everybody is celebrating International Women’s Day! We wanted all our colleagues who represent the feminine part to feel special and loved. We wish that this happens every day, not only on the 8th of March.

With flowers, smiles and a lot of appreciation, our gentlemen offered our ladies all the attention they deserve. From Cluj-Napoca to Baia Mare, Tirgu Mures, Suceava, Iasi, And Bucharest everybody had her own bouquet.

We put together a photo gallery that best emphasizes our first week of spring. Enjoy!

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