Summer School “Developing Embedded Systems” 2017

We couldn’t miss another edition of Summer School in Chisinau organized by the Engineering Club, Micro Lab, 4th summer in a row. The event is coordinated by our colleague Andrei Bragarenco.  The Summer School will take place at the Center of Excellence of TIC domain, Tekwill in Chisinau.

Starting with 3th until 7th of July youngsters with a tech profile will have part of training sessions, practical lessons, and workshops. A full dynamic week awaits for them. The learners will have their path guided by specialists in the domain so the experience will be as accurate as possible. Tik-Tok the time is running so don’t forget to sign up for an entire week of a valuable experience.

Deadline applications: 30 June.

2 of our colleagues will mentor the young learners through their path to knowledge and practical abilities. Nicolae Butnari and Sorin Golovatic will be 2 of the mentors of this year Summer School Edition. They will share their experience with the students, teach them about technical development of embedded systems and explain to them how a project comes to life and which are its stages. We wanted to know what is their motivation and why are they willing to dedicate their time to this so we asked them because straight to the source, remember?

Nicolae, what is your motivation to do this?

The main reason for my involvement is because I also took part in the last editions of the Summer School as a beneficiary starting with the first edition organized in 2014.

What about you Sorin?

The reason is that I want to share with the participants how fascinating are the embedded systems and their development. When I used to volunteer in an ONG I felt really good and it was a pleasant activity I used to enjoy.

Why do you think your mentorship will be helpful?

Maybe because of the experience I have with the anterior editions, the competitions I took part in like Electromobility Student Competition (link), Iasi 2016, or the International Competition: Microelectrical Systems Engineering Sergiu Radautan, Chisinau, 2016 and 2017 and Mihai Konteschweller – Microcontrollers and Applications, Iasi, 2016. I believe that my college experience will also be helpful, it was a period in which I gained the necessary knowledge that will make easier for the participants at Summer School to assimilate the information and to get a proper advice from me.

And you Sorin?

This Summer School participants might encounter blocking points and that’s why I will be there for them to find a solution together either at a technical level, either at an understanding of the concepts level.  Each participant will have a different background so the analogies will be according to their background. I will search for analogies together with the participants until I will find a clear example, then I will form analogies connections between the example and the technical moment. This will be the strategy I’ll use.

Nicolae, do you have a strategy in your mind?

Well, first of all, I will share the subjected proposed for this event but still, I am also familiar with the situation. I will give my best to offer interesting information related to their questions. It would be extraordinary if every day they will go home with all their questions clarified so the next day will have more confidence in themselves. I have a strategy of offering all my support because I want to nourish their enthusiasm and interest in continuing their familiarization with the domain.

Do you prepare in any way for this Summer School?

Sorin: Personally I will revise my old projects and I will analyze what were their advantages and disadvantages, why I succeeded in accomplishing the purpose or not, and what were the challenges I faced.

After all these detailed answers, I personally can’t wait for insights from the Summer School.

You may never know when this experience will help you find your dream job. Don’t forget to check out Micro Lab Facebook page and AROBS Transilvania Software page for more insights!

Good luck and don’t forget to have fun!