#internshipstories – Their future is mobile

At least that’s what they proved it to be! Either way, our recent internship graduates on .NET had their final presentation of the created application. We could say they nailed it pretty good. Our fantastic four came up with four smart versions of an activity management app and got the chance to remain members of team AROBS.


At the beginning of October, we were in search of four young students with a passion for .NET to join an internship with Xamarin for Android and iOS. And soon enough we found them.

Passionate, driven to learn more and committed to the idea that the future is mobile.

And their future could actually be mobile, considering the fact that at the end of the 6-week internship period they managed to build four different versions of an activity management application. The apps are user-friendly, perfect for managing individual or group activities, permitting to add and assign tasks to contacts in the app list. They also have Google Maps integrated for localization.

Not bad for their first application, we dare to say!

And because they did so well with their task, they got the chance to become AROBS employees and work in our IoT division.

“The AROBS team gave me a great impression. The people are so open and they do not treat anything superficially. These past two months I learned a lot of valuable knowledge about developing applications with Xamarin but also general information about programming which I didn’t even new I lacked. Also had a great time playing pool or having a laugh with my colleagues. I recommend everyone to take the chance of being part of an internship here at AROBS. I can’t wait to meet you here at the office.”- Răzvan Lavric, .NET intern

Welcome to our team! 😊