Troop Travel wins the Startup Avalanche prize: a trip to Silicon Valley, sponsored by AROBS

15 Startups from all around the world joined the Startup Avalanche competition at Techsylvania 2018, in Cluj, Romania, to pitch to investors and to win the top prize: a trip to Silicon Valley.

We sponsored the winning startup with a trip to Silicon Valley

AROBS sponsored for the second year in a row the Startup Avalanche competition, at the 5th edition of Techsylvania.

With over 1.000 applications, after a tough screening and lots of hours of work with our partners at Risky Business we ended up discovering the 15 finalists, from 13 different countries, at the Startup Avalanche competition.

The winner is Troop Travel from Spain!

Troop Travel from Spain is the winning startup, with a strategic platform for finding the best meeting locations for globally distributed teams, optimizing cost, time, and experience.

Read their story here.

About the Startup Avalanche competition

“Avalanche isn’t just about throwing some startups on stage in front of hypothetical investors. It is about creating a platform for international collaboration among startups, showcasing the opportunities of our ecosystem, and providing meaningful support and opportunities for promising early-stage startups,” explains Jennifer Austin, co-founder of Risky Business.

A word from our CEO, Voicu Oprean, on the stage of Techsylvania: “When I started AROBS 20 years ago, we faced many of the same challenges these early-stage startups do today. Now, we have a team of 700+ across 4 countries. We are wishing the same success for all the startups that joined Techsylvania Avalanche! We’re proud to be a part of helping build opportunities for not just Romanian startups, but also for startups all around the world.”

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